V Magazine: One Size Fits All

Jacquelyn (left) and Crystal (right) wear
Top Ralph Lauren Collection
Skirt Proenza Schouler
Belt Viktor & Rolf
Shoes Versace
Clutch Giorgio Armani
Socks We Love Colors
Scrunchie Marc Jacobs
Earrings, purple necklace, gold bangle Patricia von Musulin
Red necklace, neon green bangle, Lucite bangle Cara Croninger
Blue bangle, green-and-yellow bangle, ring Alexis Bittar
Yellow cuff with spikes M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

Jacquelyn and Crystal wear
Bodysuit and bra Dolce & Gabbana
Leather belt Burberry Prorsum
Jeweled belt New York Vintage
Bangle (worn in hair) Patricia Field
Gold necklace, blue-and-yellow jeweled bangles, leopard bangle Alexis Bittar
Red-and-gray necklace, square Lucite bangle, blue marbled cuff Cara Croninger
Lucite bangle with ivory inset Patricia von Musulin

On eyes, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in black

Jacquelyn and Crystal wear
Top Versace
Skirt and shoes Proenza Schouler
Belt Kokin
Socks We Love Colors
Bangle (worn in hair), silver bangle, Lucite bangle, blue-and-gold jeweled bangles Alexis Bittar
Lucite necklace Alexis Bittar for Michael Kors
Gold bangle Patricia von Musulin
Black-and-gray necklace, red bangle, blue marbled cuff Cara Croninger
Black-and-yellow striped cuff Giorgio Armani

On hair, Kérastase Paris Vernis
Nutri-Sculpt Ultra-Shine Top Coat

Jacquelyn and Crystal wear
Dress Danielle Scutt
Belt Giorgio Armani
Shoes Pierre Hardy
Socks We Love Colors
Yellow necklace, heart necklace, blue marbled cuff, Lucite ring Cara Croninger
Green necklace and gold bangle Patricia von Musulin
Purple Lucite bangle Burberry Prorsum
Clear Lucite bangles and blue jeweled bangle Alexis Bittar
Blue cuff with spikes M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza
Ponytail holder made by hairstylist

On lips, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
Lip Wax in nude beige

Photography Terry Richardson
Styling Mel Ottenberg


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